My Appearance Schedule for 2017

Where to see me in 2017. If you so desire. Be warned: more of my face is visible now.

April 21-23 -- C2E2, Chicago

April 28-30 -- Planet Comicon, Kansas City

May 25-28 -- MegaCon, Orlando

June 16-18 -- Heroes Con, Charlotte

There'll probably be a couple more cons added to the list later in the year, including at least one international trip. So stay tuned.

My signing policy remains the same. I don't charge anything for signatures. And if I'm at my own table, I'll sign however many books you've got. Though if you've got a massive stack and there's a line of folks behind you, I'll likely ask you to break it up and get back in line. But I also sometimes do signings through a publisher or through the con itself that are timed, ticketed or otherwise limited, so in that case, their restrictions apply.

Hope to see you out there.


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